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June 2023

In partnership with SIX Group

Governance – mapping our route to long-term, sustainable finance

Some elements of the ESG acronym get more focus than others, with environmental concerns often taking centre stage. For many, the G – for governance – is implicit in investment and other financial processes; already part of the day job and not needing a special focus. Yet recent collapses in the banking sector suggest closer and more granular attention might be needed. Join us live on Thursday, 29 June to learn more about this discussion. [This is a sponsored event. The Financial News newsroom is not involved in the production of this event.]

September 2023

2023 Conference

World Chemical Forum

A three-day, in-person conference that will provide insight for action and effective decision-making in today's volatile chemical market. The agenda includes one day dedicated to a global view of the current chemical market and two days of guidance on the specific trends shaping the market. The conference is presented by Chemical Market Analytics, with participation by The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

Barron’s Live
June 23, 23

Mansion Global - Taking AI Home

Mansion Global's Leslie Hendrickson leads a discussion on demand for smart-home technology, concerns about privacy and the different ways artificial intelligence is making everyday tasks more convenient.

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